Time Not Telling

July 7, 2015 at 7:59 am (Dani Clark, Poetry)

Her watches started stopping
when he came back
to where she always was
lost in stacks shelving books
him grinning and just washed
full of the loneliness that you smell

First when the chain link affair
began bugging out
she delivered it to a fat jeweler
who took it hostage
demanding sixty-two dollars
it’s not the battery he said
you need a whole new movement

but not two days after paying up
did the slinky unpredictable thing
boycott her again

Now the studious leather one
she has no explanation for why
it keeps freezing at odd moments then starting up again
no warning to say when it will happen

Or geez she also doesn’t know why
she doesn’t just give up
on these so called watches
resign herself

to time not telling anything
and not wanting to be told

since his coming home
all those years later
made of it
a falsehood of physics
a magician a very bendy thing.

– Dani Clark


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