August 8, 2014 at 5:00 am (Dani Clark, Poetry)

I loved you at the restaurant

in my line of sight two tables away


curly-haired son in your lap

crippled daughter in stroller


and you


managing to feed them and yourself

the pizza with your hands


an orchestra of love and duty

and how they are bound


you did not speak much

the need not arising

a smile

now to the girl

now to the boy

loneliness and inevitability

of the years to come

your watermark


for me to acknowledge

in graying hair

fair face

and sinewy arms

an idea of height

a wedding band


I caught you looking at me

seeing some of the same


if Freud was correct

about how love works


a small gaze was enough

had to be

though I think

it is never enough


the pearls are so small

and so uneven

they go by so fast


like life does

I’ll surely say again

when death is near.


– Dani Clark


1 Comment

  1. redgladiola said,

    Beautiful. It takes someone special to see beyond the exterior and appreciate the goodness of someone’s heart. =)

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