June 13, 2013 at 5:52 pm (Dani Clark, Poetry)


I catch my son’s five year old eyes in the rear view mirror

He abandons himself

crooning wrongly a song in Hindi,

Speakers blasting

Jai Fooooooh!

And when the woman sings he orders
Mamma go, your turn!
My turn.
His turn.
This multipolar world, oh my,
so close and far from our cold one
and the childish condescending assurance
that those kids in Korea or Italy,
or other equally unimaginable places,
to our eyes and ears that had not seen, not heard,
anything but Tom Brokaw and the NBC Nightly News,
in shirts and skirts and pants unmatching,
were mispronouncing the lyrics to Billy Jean.
Oh how we giggled!
Oh these innocents entrusted to the care of our brokenness!
Oh how wispy and curvy time is!
A big sigh for being human tonight.

– Dani Clark



  1. Here I am said,


  2. Dani said,

    Thank you.

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