The Kumali Poems

March 14, 2011 at 3:31 pm (Dominic Alapat, Poetry)

For Deepak Menon and Patricia Mösta


In The Trains


the monkeys

have begun their dance

over the mountain passes

deep in evening mist

the voices of a thousand rivers

glide by windows

of people skating in the stars

where the boys have decided

to set fire

to the universe

and see it burn in

languages of earth

animal human

so you know everything it takes

to live here

knowing all is nothing

the houses the people

that the hills carry speeding

yet you notice the flowers

red violet

pink orange

how they smile and smile

their happiness into the air

how there is this silent music

rising into the day

through these bare trees

that are stuck in the sky

their dry black branches

giving the light

a form

reminding you of home.

They Are


on the roof

of the sky

they are the birds of music

watching the lights

on and on

each one goes

into the night

where the world

is wet green berry talk

amid dogs and a cat

in the haunting

pathways of the hills

an old woman without a home

lives in her burning

poetry of gesture

there stone meets tree

turns to air

and the flowers

happy in their

earth of nothing

trance of colourjoy

patiently await you

and smile.

Again The Night


For Sunny and his troupe of folk musicians


has arrived with

the music of drums.

Around the fire

the rhythm dances

into song.

I go tripping through


rivers where women

are dancing in groups

dancing in the rain.

Around the fire

the night has arrived

with drumbeats

and my mind

takes off once again.

– Dominic Alapat


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