The Tenses

March 25, 2009 at 9:30 am (Poetry, Santosh Ojha)



hidden thoughts of the past

thoughts shared and mulled over last

perhaps they should remain

buried deep

somewhere down deep


life should forever look ahead

past is something dead

looking back is never a gain

for the future is ours to keep

buried in our unconscious so deep



The future lurks behind

the shadows of the present

sneaks all the way in

through the open doors

right into my bedroom

envelops me all around

shaking me out of my present


I receive it as a present

just the right present

as I decide to sleep off the present

and embrace the future

the future follows me through the night

representing itself as the present



the tyranny of the present

when will the future ever liberate me

and show itself as the future



my muse

sits besides me

a patina of anonymity between us

she reaches out

holds my hand

i, silly me, let go of the tenuous strand

she reaches again

kisses me

I love her kisses

I love her, period.

– Santosh Ojha



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