Start Again

September 1, 2008 at 5:01 am (Mary McQueary, Poetry)


Build me a castle with a tower.
I need to touch the sky.


Lower me below everyone.
So I can feel their heartbeats next to me.


The closer the farther.
So send me to Mars.


I want to know the color of your eyes.
Can’t hold on to the sudden burst.
Only shadow traces left surging on my brain.


Can’t you foresee what’s going to happen to me?
Ain’t there a trick or two you could do?


I’m feeling lots of pain like bursts of flames.
Feel their heat.
Frustration running deep.


Can’t control what thoughts they’ve got in their head.
Though I can hear them loud in mine.


Read the bad news in the paper again today.
That guy insane (her too!)
Existing sacred or profane.
Fame has become the game.

Forget all those things you thought they said.
Start again.


– Mary McQueary


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