The Shroud

May 13, 2008 at 9:28 am (Poetry, Santosh Ojha)


My friend, dear,

you asked for my shroud,

my dark shroud,

to take to bed.

You said you fancied it,

you wanted it,

here you go, my love.


Wrap it around your shoulders,

some length around your breasts.

and then around your knee.

touch the dark shroud,

feel its drape around your body,

twirl the drape around your hips,

treasure the touch around your sleeve,

measure the heft of the weave

caress the sinister silkiness all over you,

my friend!


Will you bear my shroud tonight,

around you, tight.

just for a night?



As I hug my arms around myself,

nudging myself to sleep,

that elusive sleep.

With the shroud I have been bearing,

those dark memories I have been living,

oh, for all these years.


Please, for tonight,

be my friend,

bear my shroud.


– Santosh Ojha






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